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                              Home About Us Green Procurement
                              Green Procurement
                              The main goal of this document is to specify our company environmental specifications on green manufacturing, green products and green services, and it should be the green procurement guideline for all our suppliers.
                              1. The requirements in this document apply to all our business units involved in their formulation, manufacture, assembling and purchase, including materials, accessories, products and packaging materials.

                              2. The restrictions not covered in this document will be controlled in certain project

                              3. Due to rapidly changing of worldwide environmental regulatory and major clients’ green procurement, this document should be reviewed and/or revised every six months.

                              3Requirements on Materials
                              Banned/Restricted substances Reportable Substances for Products/Packaging Materials/Manufacturing Process, suppliers should fill in and provide below documents :
                              1. Product information and supplier information:

                              2. Environmental Hazardous Substances Declaration:

                              3. EU : Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) confirmation and notification(New version)

                              4. please visit website : http://echa.europa.eu/web/guest/candidate-list-table  

                              5. Technical data sheet, GHS MSDS (16 sections) and other certificate/declaration

                              6. EU: PAHS DIRECTIVE (2005/69/EC) confirmation

                              7. Washington CHCC http://www.ecy.wa.gov/programs/hwtr/RTT/cspa/chcc.html

                              8. Product change notice (PCN): As part of product, any major change (4M : MAN, MACHINE, MATERIAL AND METHOD) that may impact on quality, function, or reliability . Prior to implementing any noticeable changes, the guidelines to issue PCN under certain circumstance with required information must be provided.

                              9. Other Restrictions on Materials.

                              4Code of conduct :
                              The Company is committed to develop business with high ethical standards, and endeavors to provide quality products and outstanding services
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